Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Fashion Mission

I write this first post with tremendous amazement and excitement, I'm eager to join the digital dialogue on fashion and life. I have decided to name this blog Born To Dress this Way inspired by the great and only Lady Gaga who's song Born This Way made me cry of happiness. This blog is for those who think like I do that fashion is a form of art , a form of personal expression. Fashion has no boundaries, it is timeless, anchor less and most importantly fun.  I'm allergic to the idea that fashion is of a certain brand or school of fashion, fashion can be a shirt from Kmart, a shoe from the Gap and a purse from Christian Louboutin You should wear something because you like it, if feels good to you and it makes you feel beautiful.

This  blog will be filled with pictures , posts and observations on life and fashion from here in New York City, Lima and Rio De Janeiro and many other places I hope to visit often.  Fashion is everywhere, let's not put limits on beauty.
Please come back, because you will not be disappointed.

If you would like to support our mission in any way, please consider donating any amount as it would help us continue researching and working toward spreading our message of Born To Dress This Way, fashion is freedom. Fashion is timeless, fashion is what you wear not what we read we are suppose to wear in Magazines.

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